Sunday, July 4, 2010

Let it be..

Let it be.
Let it fade.
Let it whither away,
'Til there's nothing left
To say.

Stand aside.
Watch it cry
Watch it dry
Watch it whither away
In the shade.

Look away
Think ahead
Turn your back
To the misery
That comes into play.

Let it burn
Watch its end
Wait for
A new
Beginning again.

Let it be.
Let it fade.
Let it whither away,
'Til there's nothing left
To say

Sunday, September 20, 2009


I know of a road,
That leads into the woods,
Deserted and wild,
It laid unused,
For a long while!

I chanced upon it,
On an unfortunate day,
When I was beaten and down,
Everyone fled,
But burdens stayed,

I walked along,
Slowly aye!
Taking the turns,
Holding my breath,
Treading the unbeaten path,
Wondering where it lead,

The skies grew darker,
And the trees began to sway,
The rhythmic wind,
Eerie i must say!
The stars popped up slowly,
Outshined by the graceful moon,
And i knew,
I was lost,
In this beautiful setting,
The path was all i had,
And I trudged,
On and on.

It finally opened up,
To a small clearing,
At the edge of the cliff,
I walked upto the end,
And looked down,
Vertigo gripping me,
As if the ground below,
Was pulling me,
For a deadly embrace,
But i looked away.

Instead I took away,
The weight off my shoulders,
And threw them away,
For I did not care!

I sat down,
On the patch of grass,
And weeped silently,
Overwhelmed by emotions,
And suddenly everything material,
Seemed immaterial!
I lied down there staring at the sky,
And smiled at last,
After a long while!

I know of a road,
That leads into the woods,
All you have to do,
Is let it find you,
And then let yourself find it.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Endless walk...

I've been walking,
Way too long,
Not stopping to see,
Where to,
Right or wrong.

I've been walking,
As fast as i can,
My legs hurt bad,
But i carry on,
Without a plan.

I've been walking,
And one fine day,
I see footprints,
On my way.

I call out loud,
And strain my ears,
For a whisper,
But there's nothing here.

I look at the prints,
My foot seems to fit,
Perfectly in them,
Scared out my wits.

I've been walking,
All this while,
In circles,
As fast I can.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Tryst with the Guitar

I've always wanted to learn to play a guitar ever since I watched Slash in one of the Guns N Roses video.The ease with which he does his magic onstage tricked me into believing that playing a guitar would be a cakewalk.
Anyway,after a month of deliberation and spending quite a significant amount for purchasing a new guitar,I finally landed up for my first ever guitar class.I was amused to find a motley crowd of people like me who did not even know how to hold a guitar properly.There was the clueless left handed guy trying to play with a right handed guitar to the girl who shifted from one fret to another the way you would in case you were playing a Sitar(apparently she had mastered Sitar and was trying her hand on western instruments).
Then there was me,who couldn't avoid the abominable twanging sound every time i played a chord.
After the class I came back home,and started practicing after everyone fell asleep.The night was silent and pleasant,I opened the balcony door and put a chair there.The soothing sight of silver moonlight greeted me there.The cool wind caressed my face,I took out my guitar and took a moment to take in the beauty of this nocturnal setting.
I placed my fingers on the fret board and strummed a C-Major slowly,then I shifted to a G-major and an E-minor.Then i heard a slight whimper which eventually turned into a long howl, which was then reinforced by a series of howls from distant localities.
The dogs just broke into a frenzy and the neighbours started switching on their lights.I hit the floor with my guitar and crawled my way back into the house,unseen.
I haven't given up yet.


Sunday, July 5, 2009

Mumbai:An Acco nightmare!

Well,I don't intend to bore you with the details of life in Mumbai.I am sure there are a lot of blogs in the blogosphere who can provide you with the details.
Bottom line is,life out here is hectic,tough and at the same time filled with masti.
All that said and done,one of my friends came over to Bombay(I keep switching between Bombay and Mumbai) so that he could attend a course and if possible,try to find out a good job here.I thought it was a good move,Mumbai is after all a city of opportunities.
Since he was planning to stay for a month or so,he wanted me to check if there was any good accommodation available out here.The thought of that made me a bit anxious.Being familiar with the intricacies of Bombay life,I knew that real estate and money were the two areas where the city can screw you really hard(pardon my language).
So I started off with an 'accommodation hunting' spree in the internet.I searched for a hotels,lodges,guest houses etc etc.
Him(my friend) being a newbie made things only worse as he came with a budget(which would have provided him a 5star accommodation in any other city) that wouldn't get him past ten days in a city like Bombay.And since he was keen about having an independent room,the only option available were budget hotels(since Paying Guest accommodation meant you had to share the room with total strangers).
Now,(here's my favorite part),there are two types of hotels in this world-
1)The illegitimate kind that charges you by the hour.(The kind you would want to avoid at all costs)
2)Then the ones that are comparatively safer.
We categorized these 'budget hotels' into three on the basis of daily rental-
(1000-1500)-The rundown kind, located in some narrow gully, where the cleaner is also the receptionist and the cook.
(1500-2500)-Pretty decent ones near the main road,where you are given a room that rivals a jail cell.
(2500-5000)-Not much different from the above,except that there is a doorman who opens the door for you at the entrance.
How would you justify a hotel that charges 5000 bucks a day,as a budget hotel?
Ans: The hotel's in Mumbai.

My point is,if you ever plan to come to Bombay for a long duration,it's highly recommended that you do some research and fix your budget accordingly.Some of the options that you can look into for accommodation are as a Paying Guest,Budget hotels or a serviced apartment.
But be ready to spend a wad of notes.
Or better still,call up that long lost distant cousin of yours from Mumbai and stay with him.

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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My first Job!

Well,I finally landed up with a really nice job,whose profile sounds very exciting and challenging.I'm hoping to put in my best effort and live upto the required level of expectation in that organization.
I'm well aware that this is just the stepping stone and the journey towards charting a good career is just starting.
All that said and done,I'm glad to see a lot of happy faces around me,people who care and love me.They've always been my support and source of strength.And I owe them a lot.
Anyway,I'm a bit nervous about the first day at work.I'm sure it'll be like the first day at school all over again.Lots of new faces,an environment that you're not used to,and the usual anxiety about how to handle things generally.
Then again,my solace in lies in the fact that there will be others like me to give me company in the first day.
For now my plan is to get myself a haircut,polish my shoes,buy a brand new pair of formals and put on that winning smile and walk in through that door.
As they say,the first step is always the difficult one. :)

How (not)to deal with a Rhetorical question?

This happened when I was in the 6th standard.Well,I didn't know the concept of rhetorical questions(I still don't)back then..

Teacher:Do I look like a fool to you?
Teacher:Answer me!
Me:I mean,Yes
Me:I meant, Yes I will answer you but you don't look like a fool to me.
Me: *Uh oh,that came out wrong*

This was just the beginning..Rhetorical questions still continue to put me in a spot even today!